22,September 2023

Distribution of Differences presents a histogram of differences in means from the simulation, showing an approximately normal distribution. The calculated z-score for the observed difference (14.6858) is notably high, suggesting a significant difference. Magnitude of Sampling: Emphasizes the vast number of possible sample combinations from the data, highlighting the uniqueness of the observed result.

For the logistic regression analysis, I’m deliberating on the choice of ‘k’ for cross-validation. How to determine the appropriate value of ‘k’? Additionally, in the context of this analysis, should we consider using stratified sampling, and if so, how does it impact our modeling process?

I’m wondering about data quality and whether any data preprocessing or cleaning was performed, the assumptions made in the t-test and the linear model, such as the assumption of normality in the data. Also, Monte Carlo simulation methodology, including the number of iterations and whether the random sampling process was appropriately implemented.

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